Children and Skiing – Information & Advice

Taking your children skiing for the first time? The following tips and information will be invaluable! There are always essentials that you should take on any holiday. Make sure you pack the following, or you'll regret it:

  • Favourite toys and comforters – please bring teddy along!
  • Favourite foods – if they can’t live without their favourite pack it!
  • A favourite book, CD or DVD – most accommodation has a DVD player so please bring some along to keep the little ones happy.
  • Pen and paper for drawing pictures, games etc
  • Small travel games for the journey or in the accommodation in case of bad weather.
  • Slippers. We ask that all guests have these in our accommodation so don’t forget the children's!


  • Formula milk, it is recommended that you bring a sufficient amount with you, as it's not always possible to find the brand that you use in France.
  • Breast-feeding if you intend to vary your normal feeding times during your holiday, it is advisable to introduce the new routine well beforehand or express for later use.
  • Also you pack enough nappies/diapers/pull ups. It's the law of averages that you'll run out and nowhere will have the right size for your child.


  • Under 3’s will need either an in-house nanny or the local crèche
  • 3’s – 12 are best in the Piou-Piou Morzine where they can enjoy their lessons and be cared for in a safe environment with games etc They can stay for ½ or full day including lunch. This is a very popular service and needs to be booked well in advance.

Ski Clothing/Equipment:

  • All children, whether skiing or not, will need warm outdoor clothing including:-
  • Ski Suit (1 or 2 piece – 1 piece ideal for the younger ones)
  • Hat (that covers the ears)
  • Ski Crash Helmet (if skiing –compulsory for all ski schools) – can be hired in resort
  • Gloves – their hands can get very cold and wet when playing in the snow. Spend a little extra here and it is definitely worth it – this is a tip from experience!
  • Snow Boots – slip on/off variety best especially for the younger ones
  • Thin layers for under ski suit – e.g. thin fleeces
  • Goggles – a must above glasses – they fix to the helmet and so will always have them
  • Glasses – some will keep them on some won’t